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Pond and Waterfall Construction

Waterfall construction is our specialty. It is a form of art that we are very passionate about. A beautiful waterfall is made by selecting and placing the ideal pieces of natural stone. Master waterfall builders know how to select and place beautiful natural stone to achieve a very natural look and sound, that recreates natures most beautiful masterpieces.

Pond construction is another art form that we specialize in and take great pride in creating beautiful, low maintenance Koi ponds and water gardens.

We are very dedicated to creating water features that will enhance your property and transform it into a living work of art.

Pond Management

Spring and fall pond cleaning is an important step to keeping a well balanced and healthy, low maintenance pond. 

Decomposing organic matter on the bottom can spell disaster for ponds and pond aquatic life. A clean and balanced pond with proper functioning filtration is key to enjoying your pond all season long.

By taking proactive steps in the spring and fall, you can implement a preventative maintenance strategy that keeps your pond looking amazing.

Call us today to set up a onetime clean out, or a routine cleaning schedule to keep your pond worry free and looking like a wetland oasis.

Pond Repairs

We have a lot of experience servicing ponds and repairing leaks. If you have a leaky pond, or out dated parts, we can repair it and bring the pond back to its former glory. We have some very practical and efficient trouble shooting methods that  are accurate and effective ways to locate leaks. We have the right tools, products and experience to completely repair or retrofit your pond.

Most ponds leak around the waterfall area, which is an area that is prone to shifting rocks that move the liner or divert water flow. Pond leaks don't have to be an expensive repair. We have the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot and locate leaks quickly.



   As pond and waterfall specialists, we focus on exceptional quality, unparalleled attention to detail and a professional level of craftsmanship in all of our pond projects. Our highly trained and certified staff have years of pond building and maintenance experience, combined with pond retail sales experience. Working at a large pond retail store allowed us to draw upon the knowledge and experience of many seasoned pond owners and pond product retailers, giving us insight into many facets of pond design, maintenance and products. Knowledge of quality pond products is key to constructing a high quality pond that is worthy of being called a "backyard oasis". Having a serious passion for ponds and water features, with customer satisfaction as our main goal, makes us the team you can count on to build that water sanctuary you have always dreamed of.

   We can help you design the pond of your dreams that will transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis. The soothing sounds of a gentle waterfall and stream will help you unwind and relax after a hard day. Creating a pond, water garden, or water feature will give you that piece of mind you seek without the burden of a high maintenance outdoor feature.


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RWP Gallery
Some of my favorite photos I took in my seasons ponding around.
Ken's Pond
Ken's Koi Pond
Jas' Pond
By The Pond Pet Spa
Paula and Mason's waterfall
Ric's Pond
Jaqueline's pondless waterfall
A gorgeous pondless waterfall in here front yard.
Alex and Christa's pond
Beautifil little fish pond with a huge waterfall.
Jaqueline's mini pond
Tight space, small pond, nailed it!
Gabriel's Pond
Pondless Waterfall
Pondless water feature.
Rob's Pond in Erin
A complete pond retrofit. We went all out with this pond! An amazing system that will save many hours of pond maintenance and help maintain a healthy and balanced fish pond. We installed two skimmers and an upper bog pond filter that splits into two streams and two waterfalls.
Gerry's pond
A beautiful small pond rebuild that is is one of my pond dreams come true.
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Get back in touch with nature

and enjoy the Pond Lifestyle

What is Biodiversity?

noun: biodiversity;

1. the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem.


      - "I think that getting in touch with nature is the most important aspect of our modern technological lives. By adding a pond or water feature, we can greatly improve and enrich our surroundings and increase biodiversity in our communities, while enjoying a beautiful, living, work of natural art." - Matthew Lacasse - Owner, Rock Water Plant


Matthew Lacasse, Rock Water Plant's founder, believes that ponds and waterscapes can transform a space into a living work of art that enriches our lives, brings one closer to nature, and most importantly, allows us to increase biodiversity in your area, reducing our negative impact on the environment.


​​-Biodiversity encompasses all living species on Earth and their relationships to each other. This includes the differences in genes, species and ecosystems. Having many different living things allows Nature to recover from change. If too much biodiversity is lost, there is a problem... - from


Ponds attract wildlife, birds, and insects, which help pollinate flowers and trees. Building a pond, pondless waterfall, bog garden or even a small water feature, is a way to provide a safe refuge for various animal and insect species that are essential in maintaining healthy ecosystems in our surroundings.  Native birds and insects get forced out of our urban areas all the time due to construction. Ponds and water gardens can inspire and teach young minds and are a valuable educational resource that inspires and boosts creativity.


Adding a beautiful oasis in your yard will allow you to live a whole new lifestyle, the pond lifestyle. I will never forget the first time my little girl saw a beautiful koi pond at a friends place. I couldn't pull her away from it. She was drawn to it and sat there by the edge playing in the water with a beaming smile on her face. Now she has her own fish and takes care of mine!  By living the pond lifestyle you can enjoy your property in many new ways and relax in the sanctuary you helped build.

There is also a mystical and spiritual element to ponds and waterfalls. We can discover so many important and meaningful things when we sit and reflect by a pond or waterfall. When we are immersing ourselves in nature, the benefits can be unlimited.  


To learn more about Biodiversity and Pond Lifestyles, click on the buttons below to see the articles on these pages.


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