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Bog filtration is an excellent way to filter ponds with a sustainable approach. Bog filters are an additional upper pond added to the system that acts as a huge filter by utilizing plants, gravel and beneficial bacteria to remove excess nutrient and debris from the water.  The upper bog filter adds another waterfall or stream to the existing water feature. Properly designed bog filters are much more effective that man made filters and allow you grow the lush vegetation without the need for fertilizer.


Most plants will thrive in a bog garden and the results are very rewarding. Growing your own vegetables are also and option. Greenhouse growers are beginning to incorporate aquaponic systems in their growing methods taking full advantage of fish as a primary source of plant nutrients.


Bog filters are a very effective way to remove waste from a pond and distribute nitrates, nitrites and ammonia directly to the plants roots where it be absorbed, resulting in cleaner, clear water. Potted pants passively extract nutrients from a pond while bog filter plants are hydroponically grown in a gravel substrate increasing the plants ability to process the excess nutrients in a pond.  This also lowers the amount of maintenance and cleaning required in the main pond.


Any pond can be easily retrofitted to add a bog garden filter. We have installed some very effective bog garden filter ponds and they have proven to work very well.  The system can be flushed out and cleaned easily and maintenance is very low. Our bog pond filters are very robust and outlast man made filters due to the non mechanical components in the system.  It allows you add an addition natural ecosystem to your outdoor space, that will attract more wildlife and create that peace and tranquility that is inherent in water features.

Bog filtration ponds do require a bit more space than man made filters, but the benefits outweigh their spatial requirements. They are quickly becoming a new trend in the pond filtration for good reason.


Contact our design team to discuss how a bog filter can improve your outdoor living space!



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