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Al, Pond in Toronto

Just wanted to thank you very much for the amazing work you undertook to convert our less than desirable pond into an Oasis that I long to go to every day. Your passion, creativity, commitment and dedication to this project is very much appreciated. I also appreciate your reasonable pricing as everyone has a budget and you found a way to get it done on time and on budget. I would have no hesitation in referring you to friends and family.
Thank you Matt,



Grant, Pond In Guelph

I have had a number of people help me to care for my pond, but no one has been as capable and conscientious as Matt.  He knows more about fish than I do, and he has been a huge help over the last 6 years.  I look forward to seeing him in the spring.  



Rob, Pond in Erin

One of the things that was missing on our property was a Koi pond and the sound of running water from a waterfall. At the time I was considering this project, my neighbour said I should speak with Matt from Rock Water Plant.  We're very glad we did. We now have a beautiful clear pond, and the sound of rushing water fills the back yard. It was beautifully landscaped with granite boulders, two waterfalls, grasses and an upper bog pond. Our plants have thrived in the upper pond, and the area has become a meeting place for birds and frogs. I was very impressed with Matt's artistic and design abilities. He was professional, on time and on budget. Thanks again Matt!



Rick, Pond In Morriston

Our previous pond maintenance man’s wife was offered a teaching job in Manitoba and, needless to say, he had to abandon his company here (on VERY short notice). We were in a bind but we called Matt at Rock Water Plant and he came in and took over right from where our previous man left off, finishing the season and closing us for the winter.
He took care of us again last year, including a short notice “emergency” incident where we needed the pond cleaned and weeded for an event here.
We’re looking forward to Matt working his magic again this season.
My wife and I have been using Matt’s pond expertise for two years now and we couldn’t be happier.



Graham, Fountain in Waterloo

Matt has been amazing. I have a beautiful but poorly designed fountain that Matt has had to rework all the pumps and piping to try to keep running, his solutions have been innovative and successful. I would happily recommend Matt for any pond, waterfall or fountain job, he is reliable, responsive and very knowledgeable.Graham

Ric's Pond

Alex, Pond In Guelph

When we purchased our home it came with a pond that needed some tender loving care. We had contacted several different pond experts and none of them came close to matching Matt’s personability, response time and price.  He made sure the pond was well cleaned, treated and he made a recommendation for a better and more efficient pond pump.  Since our first meeting with Matt, he has open and closed our pond yearly and made sure that the pond was in well running order.   Matt has proven to us that he will go well beyond his call of duty to ensure his job is completely satisfactory.  We are incredibly pleased with Matt’s service and he has made us his loyal customers. This day and age it is very hard to find competent, qualified, customer oriented professionals with a sense of pride in their job.  Matt embodies all of these wonderful traits. My wife and I wouldn’t hesitate for one second to recommend him. 

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