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Imagine if you could easily set up a growing bed in your yard, that attaches to your pond, and uses the water from the pond to nourish growing vegetables and cleans your pond in the process!

If you have a sunny back yard space by your pond and want to grow tons of amazing fruits and vegetables, talk to us about designing and building you own urban farming system in your yard!

Think of all the benefits!  Organically grown produce is expensive. With our Aquaponics system attached to your pond you can save money while you clean your pond! You will have very fast growing, home grown, organic, and delicious tasting crops. Urban farming is one of the best ways to become more environmentally responsible.

Studies have shown that Aquaponic growing is now showing that it beats typical greenhouse and hydroponic growing systems .

And, If you set up another small fish bin below your growing beds, you can harvest Talapia, Perch or Trout !

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