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   Too many people wait until spring to clean the pond.  Leaving the leaves and muck in your pond can be disastrous, causing an imbalance in the pond's natural cycle, resulting in toxic algae blooms and excess nutrients in the water. Closing your pond for the season properly is the most important step in maintaining a healthy pond.
    Fall pond winterization or " pond closing" is a proactive measure that will promote long term pond health, excellent water clarity and reduce fish loss. Most ponds with plants have had a decent growing season over the summer and lots of leaves, stems and roots are now needed to be cut back. Any organic matter left in the pond will decay and can be very toxic to fish especially once the ice forms on the pond. By placing a net over the pond you can catch most of the falling leaves and keep them from rotting in the pond. Any leaves that are falling into the pond should netted out if you don't have a pond net. A complete and thorough clean-out of the skimmer box and biofalls is a wise thing to do at this time. Removing, cleaning and stowing the pump is recommended. Removing check valves, and draining the water from the lines should be considered also to previous not any freezing damage.
   Fall cleaning is the best way to ensure your pond stays balanced and is an important step in keeping the pond water healthy and clear. Adding the right pond treatments and cleaning the pond before it ices over is the best way to ensure you have excellent water quality going into winter. Proper cleaning will help reduce the risk of fish loss over winter, and algae growth the following spring.

   Even if you don't have plants or fish, fall cleaning will help you save lots of money and reduce stress from ponds looking like a big green blob, and will help get you the water clarity you want.
   We can help you close your pond in the fall, preparing it for the long winter. Keeping your fish safe and healthy over the winter can be a daunting task but, with the right tools and knowledge, overwintering fish in Ontario ponds can be done.

   *We use the Oase Pond Vac to safely remove pond water without harming the fish or other aquatic life in the pond.

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