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    We get a lot of calls from new homeowners with a new pond and have no idea what do with it. This is one of our favorite jobs at Rock Water Plant! We take groat pride in helping new pond owners with their pond and educating people about the beauty and benefits of ponds and water gardens.


Some home owners purchase a new property with an existing pond and have no idea what to do or how to keep it looking good. They may try researching ponds on the internet but it can be a very time consuming task and there is lots of conflicting information out there. It helps to have a professional, experienced pond expert to help understand the characteristics of their pond and its own unique qualities. Every pond is inherently different, and strategies that work for some ponds may not work for others. That's why it is important to seek help and advice from a pond pro who has worked on many different types of ponds and has drawn upon the experience of many seasoned pond owners and retailers.


Our trained staff takes pride in assisting homeowners with their new ponds and enjoy transforming a neglected old pond into a flourishing water garden. We can tackle that rundown pond in your backyard that seems like it is a lost cause, and turn your backyard into an oasis that gives you the feeling your at the cottage. Don't fill it in! We can get it looking pristine and transform your outdoor space into a resort with a few upgrades that won't cost you your savings.


Maybe installing a super low maintenance pondless waterfall is the right solution if you don't want a pond and fish, but still want the relaxing sound of a waterfall in your yard.


We can help you to maintain the pond yourself, or set you up with a full maintenance package and visit a couple of times a season to look after the pond for you.


Give us a call and we will schedule a consultation visit where our staff will spend time with you explaining the best strategies to creating an aquatic sanctuary in your yard. Whether it be a small retrofit, or a full pond restoration, we can help build the space of your dreams.

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