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The most amazing time of year and my favorite, Spring. The ponds begin to thaw, fish come out of their cold slumber, and plants begin to grow. Once the ice melts and the fish start to become active, you need to assess your pond. You need to determine what level of maintenance needs to be done. What is the water quality like? Does the pond need to be cleaned a bit, a slight water change, or does it need a full clean out? We can help you determine what exactly needs to be done. Pond size is a factor and small ponds generally require yearly clean-outs. If your pond is about 16' by 10' with an average depth of  2' approximately 1800-2000 gallons or larger, it will balance out over time and may not need a clean-out for years. Only after years of plant growth and foliage accumulation, does a large pond need an overhaul.

We take a few things into consideration when determining pond maintenance strategies, like water clarity, the filtration system that exists, the number of fish and plants in the pond, the amount of leaf debris and plant matter, and how much muck or sludge is at the bottom of the pond. All of these factors determine the amount of nutrients in the water that may contribute to algae growth and poor water quality.

We have a method of cleaning ponds that reduces the shock to fish, and diminishes the risk of the pond becoming imbalanced. We test the water and determine what level of a clean-out is required.


These are the steps we take during a common pond clean-out

  • power washing the rocks and rinsing in between all the smaller rocks and crevices,

  • draining the pond and removing sludge, adding fresh water

  • checking for leaks, inspecting the edge of the pond low spots in the liner

  • cleaning the pump, setting up the pump and hoses

  • cleaning and setting up the skimmer and waterfall filters.

  • inspecting all components and systems, and replacing any old or damaged parts

  • splitting plants, replanting, fertilizing lily pads

  • adding rocks or gravel to cover liner if needed

  • adding the industries best pond products to condition the water boost beneficial bacteria colony growth

  • adding fresh oxygenated water with low levels of chlorine and heavy metals

  • work with the pond owner to implement a proactive maintenance practice to keep the pond clear, healthy and balanced


Contact us today to set up a time for us to visit your pond. We can help you get set up to maintain the pond yourself or do routine cleanings for you. We can set up a regular maintenance package with you where we visit the pond throughout the season to test the water, perform water changes, and add pond water treatments when needed.

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